Loads of stuff from the ‘70s is no longer with us thank heavens.  Magura brakes have dominated the MTB landscape since the middle of that decade (it’s actually been making brakes for pedalled and powered bikes since 1893) and it’s still blazing a trail for MTBs nearly 50 years on. That’s why Sprockets Cycles is one of Scotland’s largest stockists. 

This German hydraulic and composite specialist totally revolutionised MTB stopping by creating the best mountain bike brakes of its era with the super-powerful HS series hydraulic rim brakes that are still some of the best high-performance disc brakes you can buy. 

Why choose Magura at Sprockets Cycles?

It was an early pioneer of disc brakes, and thanks to the mega-power of its four-piston calipers and buddying up with Bosch, its disc brakes are popping up on loads of e-bikes now too.

Its ABS system for e-bikes senses the rear wheel lift under extreme braking and automatically modulates front brake power to keep both wheels on the ground and stop you from flying over the bars. 

Magura has always taken a maverick approach to design, materials, and overall operating feel throughout its history and these are a just a few in a long line of reasons to love this brand…


Magura has an in-house injection moulding facility and a wealth of experience in making moulded auto and motorcycle parts. Carbotecture is the super light, carbon fibre infused, injection-moulded high-density thermoplastic used for their master cylinder bodies. 


This is what Magura calls its moulding process, FYI. 


Carbonlay pieces (the brake levers and clamps on top models) use high-density fibre woven sheets with carbon fibre strands woven into them for maximum strength.


Check out the Magura HC-W 1-Finger Aluminium Lever Blade inspired by the requirements of Downhill World Champion Loïc Bruni. The new HC WIDE REACH lever blade (HC-W) is optimised for large hands and offers a wide lever width adjustment. Then there’s the aluminium lightweight Magura Master MT5 2-Finger Brake Lever.  

All Magura levers can be run either way up so you can swap front or rear brakes, left or right without needing to detach hoses and re-bleed them. 

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is Magura’s blend of low viscosity mineral oil. It used to be red but turned blue in 2002.  


Magura boasts a whole range of rotors. The Magura MDR-C CL Rotor for Thru Axle is a one-piece rotor optimised for e-bikes. Thanks to the additional connecting ring, it is particularly stiff and vibration-resistant - the ideal all-rounder with centrelock mount – whether on a city bike, trail bike or e-bike. 

The Magura MDR-P Rotor offers a special patented interlocking of the outer and inner rings (Dovetail Interlink Technology) giving optimum braking performance even under heavy loads. Maximum heat resistance and stability.


Some of Magura’s brakes use magnetised cylinders and pad plates to hold the pads in place saving you the faff of fitting pads that sit within holders.

Triple Arch

Magura’s four-cylinder brakes are crafted with an extra central bridge between the inboard and outboard halves to increase caliper stiffness.  

Rings and covers

The rings around the caliper cylinder heads can be swapped. Check out the cool and colourful Magura Caliper Cover Kit 2 Piston.