Cyclocross / Gravel Road Bikes

Gravel road bikes will take you off-road and beyond. Here at Sprockets Cycles, we stock the best cyclocross and gravel road bikes from top brands such as Cervelo, Genesis, Marin, Orbea, Orange and more!

Discover the Best Gravel Bikes for Sale UK

Bring on the adventure with our collection of durable gravel bikes built for speed on all terrain. With all the convenience of an everyday road bike, cyclocross and gravel bikes feature wide tyres to ensure maximum control when venturing off-road. 

We stock gravel bikes for women, men and children, making them the perfect choice for family cycling trips. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about switching up trails thanks to versatile frames and wheels offering a smooth ride on grass, gravel and bumpy terrain.

Gravel bikes are perfect for both commuting and off-road adventures, taking you from work to the cycling scene effortlessly.

So, get ready for commuting, racing and cross-country riding using only one bike! Check out our complete collection right here to start your gravel bike journey today.

Gravel Bikes Vs Cyclocross Bikes

Yes, there’s a difference between gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes. So, which one is right for you?

Do you want a smooth-sailing commute and have the ability to blast through muddy terrain? If so, a gravel bike enables you to touch all bases. 

Cyclocross bikes, on the other hand, are built for speed and are used for racing, typically on a CX course. The best Cx bikes offer grippy tyres and aerodynamic frames fit for any race.

Both feature low handlebars, sturdy frames and wider tyres. Choose a cyclocross bike if you want the thrill of a speedy race. However, choose a high-quality gravel bike if you want a dynamic all-rounder.

Want to know more about our gravel and CX bikes? Check out our full range right here and get started online now.

Start your Cycling Adventure Today

Changing your bike can change your life. So, choose one that’ll support your biking needs in all situations. Sprockets Cycles stock a huge range of CX and gravel bikes suitable for all sizes, and we’re available 7 days a week to get you started. So, shop online or contact us today for more information.

  • What are gravel bikes good for?

    Gravel bikes are ultra-dynamic due to bigger frames and tyres, making them suitable for many types of terrain. Plus, the gravel bike’s frame geometry provides maximum comfort and stability, perfect for long-distance and endurance cycling.

  • Where can you ride a cyclocross bike?

    Cross bikes were made for adventures. And they’re perfect for beginners too! Try riding your CX bike on courses such as sandpits, mud and steep slopes for maximum fun.

  • Are cyclocross bikes suitable for road riding?

    Yes, you can ride cross bikes on roads. You can easily swap its tyres for a more suitable grip on smoother surfaces. Sprockets Cycles stock various tyres for cyclocross bikes, which are available online right here today.