Unleash the Power of Performance with the MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line: A Game-Changer for E-MTB Enthusiasts

Revolutionizing the world of E-MTBs, Michelin proudly introduces the MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line range – a groundbreaking addition to their already acclaimed MTB tire lineup. Crafted with precision and designed for E-MTB enthusiasts who demand peak performance, these tires incorporate cutting-edge Michelin technology in casing construction, tread pattern design, and compound formulations, offering riders unparalleled protection, grip, control, and speed.


Unleash Confidence and Speed with MICHELIN E-Wild Front:

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Enduro range, the MICHELIN E-Wild Front tire is tailored to provide unbeatable confidence and speed during downhill rides. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or pushing your limits on descents, this tire is engineered to elevate your E-MTB experience to new heights.

Master Challenging Climbs and Descents with MICHELIN E-Wild Rear:

For those seeking maximum traction during challenging climbs and optimal protection on the way down, the MICHELIN E-Wild Rear tire takes center stage. With precision engineering, this tire ensures that you conquer ascents with ease, while offering the durability needed to tackle demanding descents with confidence.

Dedicated to Competition: MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line:

The Racing Line range is not just a tire; it's a commitment to excellence in competition. Tailored for professional, semi-professional, and everyday riders alike, the MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line range positions you at the forefront of podium victories. Developed in collaboration with championship-winning E-Enduro World Cup riders and esteemed teams like Nukeproof-Sram Factory Racing and the Lapierre Overvolt Team, these tires embody the spirit of champions.

In the world of E-MTBs, where performance is paramount, the MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Elevate your riding experience, conquer challenging terrains, and embrace the thrill of competition with the unbeatable combination of confidence, speed, and control offered by Michelin's latest creation. The podium awaits – unleash the power of performance with the MICHELIN E-Wild Racing Line.

maximum traction for challenging climbs and protection on the way down.




Key technologies and attributes include:  

Maintain Momentum - The MICHELIN E-Wild Front tread pattern inspires confidence to reach your maximum speed downhill while the MICHELIN E-Wild Rear tread pattern has been developed to maximise traction when climbing.  

Extra Grip - Extra grip to win races, even at low temperatures (down to 3°C) thanks to the MICHELIN Magi-X compound. 

Puncture and pinch protection - Optimal puncture and pinch protection specifically developed for E-Enduro World Cup riders.