Sprockets Cycles are excited to introduce a new brand to our range - GasGas Electric Mountain Bike. GasGas are a performance motorcycle company, and have now branched out into Electric Mountain Bikes, with models such as the GasGas ECC and MXC. Featuring the new SRAM Eagle Powertrain drive unit, the new range of GasGas Enduro and Trail bikes are cutting edge.

The inspiration for the GasGas brand name goes way back, back to their humble Spanish roots in the mid 1980s. It’s taken from ‘Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!’ which translates to ‘C’mon, give it full gas!!!, Go... faster, faster!’. They then shortened it up a little to be GASGAS. Known worldwide, the simple throttle twisting hand action encourages people to get on the gas, push harder, and do their very best.