Bike Fitting at Sprockets Cycles

A bike fitting at Sprockets Cycles is a massive opportunity for you to take a huge leap forward in your cycling journey.  With our expert bike fitter, you will have your bike personally and professionally fitted.

Sprockets have access to 3D pedal scanning software, motion camera sensors and precision laser tools that make their bike fit experience unique. Matched with our experience and knowledge the package offers all levels of rider an experience that is unrivalled.

When you’re in the optimal position on your bike, you’ll feel the difference whatever your ability and discipline. Whether you’re a new cyclist, fitness enthusiast, commuter, experienced sportive rider, club rider or professional athlete, then you will find exactly what you need at Sprockets. We will work with you during the bike fitting to create a bike that is tailored to improve your comfort, efficiency and speed, and resolve and reduce the risk of injuries.

We are the only bike fitting service in Scotland that uses the Shimano bike fit jig. 



As well as having the equipment in place, we of course needed the expertise to give you the best experience. As a sports scientist and BCF coach, his knowledge and passion is something that after 5 mins in his presence will blow you away. 

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Benefits of a bike fitting :

  • Improve overall rider comfort and by extension your enjoyment of cycling.
  • Help to prevent or eliminate repetitive stress injuries in the regions of the neck, back, knee & wrist.
  • Reduce or eliminate "hot foot" or discomfort in the toes with specialised foot and cleat alignment.
  • Reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort.
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Improve maximal force and power transfer with every pedal stroke to reduce rider fatigue.
  • Move forward with informative personalised stability and flexibility exercises to enhance your riding position and comfort on the bike.
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Static Bike Fit

Booking a static fitting is ideal for riders looking to get the right bike measurements based on their limb geometry. It can also be used in custom, bespoke bike builds.

  • Intake form and chat with bike fitter about goals.
  • Flexibility and cycling stability testing.
  • 10 x limb measurements
  • Translate the rider’s body dimensions into bike positions for all kinds of disciplines and preferences.
  • Provides X/Y bike geometry unique to rider.
  • Laser measurement of present bike.
  • Gives XY data that guide the set-up of the Position Simulator if rider wants a future Comfort Fit service.
  • Offers plug-in service to over 3000 frames for sizing when purchasing new bike.

60 Minutes - £50

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Dynamic Bike Fit

Ideal for all level of riders looking to improve their comfort, performance and efficiency. The service will help a rider improve their cycling position and enhance their efficiency via the use of 3D pedal scanning at various intensities.

Includes ALL Static Fit services PLUS:

  • Graphic User Interface that shows what happens at the pedal in REAL time.
  • Record, visualise and analyse with unique data to improve effective force ratio and stability of foot to enhance cleat positioning.
  • Force distribution measured through the pedal axis every 4mm to measure foot/pedal/shoe stability.
  • Bike set up measurements.
  • Training and muscular stability exercise plan.

90 Minutes - £100

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