Electric Folding Bikes

Want the best bike for commuting? For ultra comfort and convenience, you need a folding electric bike. Choose a high-quality electric folding bike for a faster way to travel without worrying about space. So, start your biking journey today and shop our top-rated folding e-bikes right here

GoCycle G4i Electric Folding Bike 2021 EX DISPLAY
GoCycle G4i Electric Folding Bike 2021 EX DISPLAY

£3,999.99 £4,999.99

  • Gunmetal Grey
Eovolt Evening 24" Semi Folding Electric Bike 2023

Discover the Best Electric Folding Bikes UK

Enhance your daily commute with a compact and featherweight folding e-bike. Bulky bikes are now a thing of the past. With convenient folding frames, you'll never worry about where to store your bike again.

An easy-to-store bike is a must for cyclists. Portable and compact, you can easily stow your electric folding bike beneath your desk or in a cupboard out of sight. These travel-friendly bikes are ideal for commuters taking public transport without taking up extra space.

Folding electric bikes are ideal for road trips and travel thanks to compact, lightweight frames perfect for car boots, trains or buses.

So, opt for faster, cheaper travel with a high-powered electric folding bike from Sprockets Cycles and start saving space today. 

Why Choose a Folding Electric Bike?

Foldable electric bikes have all the benefits of an e-bike with added convenience for commuters and active cyclists. 

Thanks to folding e-bikes with assisted pedalling and premium motors, you'll love having a fast, sweat-free commute to work without worrying about storage space. 

Extremely portable, you can take it anywhere! And with long-lasting batteries, you can have confidence with every bike ride. Plus, folding electric mountain bikes are suitable for men, women and kids, so you can cruise trails as a family without leaving anyone behind.

Cycle in style. Our folding e-bikes have hand-polished, deluxe frames painted in attractive colours, including trending matte pastel shades.

Upgrade your Biking Lifestyle

Electric folding bikes are a no-brainer for cyclists. Whether commuting or travelling, change the game with an easy to store e-bike for unmatched convenience. Sprockets Cycles offer payment options like Klarna and Cleatpay for an easier way to get what you want. So, if you're looking to upgrade your bike ride, shop our full range online here today. 

  • What is a folding electric bike?

    Unlike ordinary bikes, electric folding bikes take up a fraction of the space. This is due to the bike's foldable frames, making them compact and easy to store. As a result, this e-bike is a top pick for commuters who also use public transport and for serious cyclists who take regular road trips.

  • Where can I take an electric folding bike?

    The list of places to take your folding e-bike is endless. Most can be placed neatly on train luggage racks, inside plane cargo holds and in car boots! 

  • What are the benefits of riding an electric folding bike?

    You'll never have to worry about storage space again as a cyclist. Electric folding bikes are convenient, comfortable and compact, making them a stress-free way to travel. Plus, they're eco-friendly, time-saving and cost-efficient, which is a winning combination for a sustainable lifestyle.