Electric Cargo Bikes

Designed to carry more, electric cargo bikes are a greener way to travel. With more space and stable frames, you can transfer large loads on two wheels. Transport shopping bags, luggage and children with e-cargo bikes from top brands like Tern bikes for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 
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Go Further with Electric Cargo Bikes UK

Solid, comfortable and built to haul heavy baggage. Electric cargo bikes can enhance your everyday journey without using a car. 

Whether you're transporting kids, sports gear, shopping bags, parcels or pets, e-cargo bikes are adjustable for various weights and sizes. So, with dynamic frames designed for carrying heavier loads, you can tackle the day while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Don't worry about the weather. You can attach waterproof forts to keep children and other important goods dry, making electric cargo bikes an excellent option for year-round riding. 

The latest Tern electric cargo bikes are versatile and ultra-stylish. They have the capacity for up to 200kg, so you can carry two children or another adult with maximum safety and comfort. What's more, with collapsible frames, you won't need to worry about storage space. So, talk to our bike experts at Sprockets Cycles today to discuss the best electric cargo bike for you and your family.

Swap Your Car for an Electric Cargo Bike

Riding an electric cargo bike is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to driving a car. This highly efficient and versatile mode of transport has assisted pedal power, so you can quickly and easily get from A to B. 

You won't expend as much energy as a regular road bike or have limited space for bags and children. With e-cargo bikes, you have more room and can cut through heavy traffic around town without breaking a sweat.

With the capacity for electric cargo bike accessories like load racks, child seats and rain covers, you'll swap driving for cycling more often!

Electric cargo bikes for business are a no brainer. You can enjoy beating congestion, time and parking fees while doing your bit to help the environment. 

With zero tax and fuel, families will love this practical way of reducing the cost of living. Plus, a biking lifestyle will improve your wallet, health and the planet.

Better Yourself, Better the Planet

Calling all fitness fanatics, eco-warriors and anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle. With electric cargo bikes for kids, businesses and everyday luggage, you’re sure to find something suitable at Sprockets Cycles. They're the next big thing in our ever-changing world. So, change your transport, change your life and shop our fantastic range of electric cargo bikes here today. 

  • What is an electric cargo bike?

    Electric cargo bikes are the same as regular e-bikes but with more capacity for carrying bigger and heavier loads. They're an efficient way of transporting children and goods with zero emissions and low costs. 

  • What can I use an electric cargo bike for?

    An e-cargo bike is a perfect way to do your weekly shop, thanks to secure, extended frames built to hold heavy bags. Or, take your children to school without waiting in rush hour traffic to cut travel time. In addition, businesses can use this method of transportation to make deliveries in faster timescales without extra fuel costs. Lastly, animal lovers will love to know that electric cargo bikes are also secure enough for riding with pets! 

  • How fast do electric cargo bikes go?

    With pedal assistance, electric cargo bikes can reach 25 km/ph (15.5mph).