Looking to boost your fitness goals? How about reducing your carbon footprint? Maybe you love the open road and need an efficient road bike for a smooth ride. You can tackle all this and more with our dynamic range of Trek Bikes. Enhance endurance cycling with a versatile Trek hybrid bike to ensure you go the distance. Whatever you need, discover our Trek bikes collection right here.

Trek Marlin 5 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2022


  • Azure
  • Lithium Grey
  • Radioactive Red
  • Volt to Miami Green Fade
Trek X-Caliber 9 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2022


  • Alpine Blue
  • Factory Orange
Trek Marlin 8 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2022


  • Gloss Alpine
  • Gloss Radioactive Red

Choose Trek Bikes for Exceptional Value

Join the bike boom with a high-quality Trek Bike. Hit the road with confidence thanks to lightweight, durable frames in fun colours like radioactive red and Miami green fade. 

A Trek E-bike is essential for a smooth-running commute. While electric bikes offer the same fitness benefits as a Trek road bike, they intensify your peddling efforts and are less taxing. In fact, they’re perfect for long trips, carrying heavy shopping hauls or showing up to work without excess sweat. 

Looking for the best ladies' bike? Trek hybrid bikes for women boast female-friendly frames and saddles to enhance comfort and control no matter where you ride. 

Why not speed up children's development with a Trek kids bike. They'll learn balance, build resilience and boost well-being with every bike ride. Always stay safe with one of our secure, quality bike helmets for kids for ultimate confidence.

Whatever your style or cycling goal, choosing a Trek Bicycle is a no-brainer!

Why Choose a Trek Bike?

Trek Bikes was founded in 1976 in Wisconsin, USA. Their passion for the open road has led to the worldwide distribution of high-performance mountain bikes and sleek city bikes suitable for all bodies. 

Quality is paramount when it comes to Trek Bikes. These award-winning, premium bikes are beloved by pro-MTB racers globally. So, level up your XC racing with serious mountain bikes featuring full suspension, durable frames and wheels offering robust traction and control. 

Why not take a tour of our select Trek Bikes for sale here and see for yourself. 

Enjoy the Ride with Trek Bikes UK

Whether you need a Trek mountain bike, e-bike, city or road bike, Sprockets Cycles can meet all your cycling needs. We'll help you push boundaries with endurance, fitness targets and new lifestyle goals. Whatever your starting point, Trek Bikes will make sure you get ahead. So, don't wait around for the ultimate biking experience. Instead, maximise your miles today by shopping our full range of Trek Bikes here.

  • What are the benefits of an E-bike?

    Electric bikes have built-in batteries for assisted pedalling. While e-bicycles aren't the same as motorbikes, they make for a much easier bike ride. They reduce stress on muscles and joints, allowing you to ride long distances without exhaustion. In addition, using an electric bicycle is an ultra economical mode of transportation. 

    You can save petrol money and ride to work on your Trek e-bike without being soaked in sweat. And it doesn't impact fitness goals. In fact, cycling on an e-bike is still a rigorous exercise, even if they are easier to ride than a regular bike. 

  • How long does a Trek Bike battery last?

    Most eclectic bike batteries last around 4 years on average. E-bike batteries are made of lithium and will deplete faster if kept in harsh weather conditions, whether too hot or too cold. Keep indoors at room temperature for battery life longevity. Don't forget to service your Trek E-Bike regularly, as this will maintain optimal battery health.

  • How fast are Trek Bikes?

    Trek electric bikes have an assisted speed range from 16mp to 28mph.