Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are revolutionising the off-road experience, allowing riders to explore more terrain easily. Combining advanced motor technology with high-quality components, our e-MTBs deliver a smooth and powerful ride perfect for tackling even the toughest trails.

Whether you're an experienced rider looking for a new challenge or a beginner seeking an easier way to hit the dirt trails, electric mountain bikes are an exciting and innovative option rapidly gaining popularity among outdoor enthusiasts.

Mondraker Crafty R Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024
Mondraker Crafty R Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024

£4,844.99 £5,699.99

  • Flame Red
  • Vortex Grey
Whyte E-160 RSX Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024
Whyte E-160 RSX Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024

£5,599.20 £6,999.00

  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss Orange
Ibis Oso GX AXS T-Type Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024
Ibis Oso GX AXS T-Type Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2024

£6,500.00 £7,999.00

  • Forest Service Green
  • Storm Blue
Trek Marlin+ 6 Electric Mountain Bike 2024


  • Crimson
  • Dnister Black
Trek Marlin+ 8 Electric Mountain Bike 2024


  • Mercury
  • Purple Flip to Black Fade

Shop a Variety of Electric Mountain Bikes Today

At Sprockets Cycles, we stock various exceptional electric mountain bikes to take your off-roading experience to the next level. Explore our options from top brands such as Trek, Orbea and more today.

To try an electric MTB in person, you can visit our fully-equipped workshop, located in Kilmarnock – just 20 minutes from Glasgow. We have a large test riding area for you to try before you buy! 

Looking for another type of electric bike? Sprockets is pleased to offer a fantastic collection of electric bicycles, including everything from electric road bikes and hybrid bikes to handy electric folding bikes for travel. Shop our full range here

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  • Do all electric mountain bikes come with full suspension?

    Not all e-mountain bikes have full suspension. Some only have front suspension, known as hardtail mountain bikes. Hardtail bikes are great for easy to mid-level trails, but a dual-suspension e-bike is the one you need for ultimate comfort and control. Sprockets Cycles sell both full suspension and hardtail electric mountain bikes to match every biking goal. 

  • Are e-MTBs heavier than traditional mountain bikes?

    While the addition of the motor and battery does sometimes make electric bikes heavier than traditional bikes, modern advancements have made e-MTBs much lighter in recent years. Many electric mountain bikes now weigh between 16-23kg, which is comparable to a traditional mountain bike.

  • How fast can electric mountain bikes go?

    The speed of an electric mountain bike is typically limited to 20-28 mph, depending on the model and local regulations. Some bikes may have a higher top speed, but riders should always check their local laws before operating them.

  • What is an Electric Mountain Bike?

    An electric mountain bike (AKA e-mountain bike or e-MBT) is the same as a regular mountain bike but has a fitted electric motor.

    The electric motor assists with pedalling, adding to your input for extra fun when cycling up mountain tracks. The best electric mountain bikes give you a significant boost in cycle power with added control, comfort and flexibility. 

    Because you expend less energy than with a regular mountain bike, you can go faster and further than before. This means you can experience a fluid and successful ride on any trail.