Electric Bikes

Sprockets Cycles is one the largest E-Bike dealers, offering a fantastic range of Electric Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cargo Bikes and Gravel Bikes.  We also stock children’s Electric Balance Bikes. We’re proud to work with some of the best designers and manufacturers in the industry, and stock electric bikes from brands such as Orbea, Focus, Kalkhoff, Moustache, Ridgeback, Orange Bikes and Santa Cruz. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, you can be sure that we’ve got the perfect bike for you! Visit us at our store to try out a bike today, or order your new bike online today. On a budget? Don’t panic! We offer a range of finance options on all of our electric bikes.

Orbea Rise M-Team Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2022
Sold Out
Orbea Rise M-Team Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2022


  • Blue Carbon / Red Gold
  • Ice Green / Ocean
  • White / Green Fog
Orbea Wild M10 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2023


  • Cosmic Carbon
  • Halo Silver / Tanzanite Carbon
Yeti 160E C1 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2022
Sold Out Sale
Trek Rail 9.8 GX AXS Gen 3 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2023
Trek Rail 9.8 GX AXS Gen 3 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2023

£7,120.00 £8,900.00

  • Dark Prismatic / Trek Black
  • Trek Black / Marigold to Red Fade
Trek Rail 9.8 XT Gen 3 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2023
Trek Rail 9.8 XT Gen 3 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2023

£6,680.00 £8,350.00

  • Trek Black / Marigold to Red Fade
Orange Phase 29 RS Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike 2021
Sold Out Sale

Browse our collection of Electric bikes today

We offer an extensive collection of E-Bikes. Versatile, stylish and incredibly durable, this range has a bike to suit every cyclist. Biking shouldn’t feel like a chore, and with this battery-assisted range, it certainly won’t. Tackle daunting hills and tricky terrain with ease, and fall back in love with cycling today. Maximise comfort, and look great doing it!

Our bikes are available in a variety of colours. Opt for an E-Bike with a neutral paint scheme and exude minimalist style. Looking for something flashier? We stock bikes in vibrant reds, cool blues, sunny yellows and more. 

In search of an adventure?

If you’re in the market for an adventure, check out our comprehensive range of electric mountain bikes. These sturdy bikes are built to tackle some of the toughest trails around - and to look great while doing it! 

We offer both full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. Full-suspension bikes are perfect for riding more technical trails, prioritise comfort and do a fantastic job of absorbing shock. Our hardtail bikes, meanwhile, are lighter, low maintenance and are best suited to slightly less challenging routes. 

Invest in a more comfortable commute today 

Urban riding more your scene? We stock a variety of hybrid bikes. Designed with agility in mind, you can rely on a hybrid bike to make it through the chaos of any metropolis without breaking a sweat. Our hybrid bikes are light, comfortable and compact, making them a perfect addition to your morning commute. Looking for even more convenience? Check out our folding hybrid bike range. These innovative bicycles can be packed neatly away and easily carried, even on busy public transport. Some of our hybrid bikes also feature luggage racks. 

Get a taste of freedom with our road E-Bikes 

Electric road bikes are currently one of the most talked-about and popular products in the industry. Featuring cutting-edge technology, system integration and lightweight design, these contemporary bikes are built with comfort and stability in mind. Ditch the car today, and feel the wind in your face as you speed along busy roads and around winding country lanes. The bikes in this range maximise functionality without compromising style. Aluminium and carbon frames conceal fully integrated lithium-ion battery packs. 

Looking for bike components?

Our electric bike range also features a variety of bike components. We stock rear lights, satellite charging ports, front lights, sensors, handlebar mounts, adapters, power leads and more. Like long journeys? Check out our range extenders. These innovative devices can be added to your bike with minimal effort and increase battery capacity dramatically. When added, the revised range is comparable to a 900Wh battery on a normal electric bike. 

  • What is an E-Bike?

    Generally, E-Bikes, also known as Electric Bikes, feature a powerful lithium-ion battery, reducing the effort needed to pedal and travel up hills. When the pedal moves, a small motor engages, providing a boost. They’re generally faster than traditional bicycles but are designed to slow down when they reach a certain speed. E-Bikes have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. E-Bikes are incredibly versatile and may be used for commuting, road riding or trail riding. 

  • How long does an e-bike battery last on one charge?

    Normally, you can expect to travel between 25 and 70 miles on a single charge. The exact mileage depends on the way you ride and the power of the battery. All batteries produced and sold in the UK are limited to 250W. We stock a range of range extenders, designed to extend battery power. We recommend charging the battery at least once a month, even if usage is limited. Eventually, ion batteries degrade and must be replaced. 

  • How to clean an E-Bike?

    Our E-Bikes require very little maintenance but can benefit from the occasional clean, particularly if you’re riding through muddy terrain. Try wiping the bike down with a damp cloth. For persistent marks, use cleaners that don’t attack plastics or seals. If the battery and display can’t be removed from the bike, cover them with clingfilm during cleaning.