Mondraker Bikes are returning to Sprockets Cycles for 2024!
Founded in 2001, Mondraker is a brand dedicated to crafting high-performance mountain bikes. As Mondraker specialise in Mountain Bikes, but also offer gravel bikes as part of their E-Bike range.
Their models are really fine-tuned to each specific class of mountain biking, with an exceptional range of DH, Enduro, Trail, and XC Mountain Bikes, and even feature a Super Enduro category to cover all the MTB bases.
The Mondraker range at Sprockets has something for everyone. If you're in search of the perfect ride, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you in finding your ideal Mondraker Bike.

Mondraker Bikes We Have Available

We stock a range of Mondraker bikes that embody the brand's commitment to high-performance cycling. Some of our best-selling Mondraker Bikes:

The Mondraker Crafty features the latest Bosch motor and Mondraker’s Forward Geometry for control and agility, and a really fun ride.

The Dusty is the new Electric Gravel Bike from Mondraker, and their first venture into the Gravel category. Mondraker picked up on the evolution of gravel bikes and felt the more off-road character of modern gravel bikes fitted right in to the Mondraker philosophy. The result is the Dusty, a gravel bike designed to encompass adventure, long distance and technical terrain riding.

Whether you're an adrenaline-seeking downhill enthusiast, or an enduro warrior tackling rugged trails. You'll find precision-engineered drivetrains, responsive braking systems, and top of the range suspension setups on each Mondraker model, ensuring that you have a competitive edge on the trails.

Looking for more information about our Mondraker bikes? Feel free to get in touch with us for comprehensive details about our extensive bicycle selection and flexible payment and financing choices.

  • What Sets Mondraker Bikes Apart?

    Mondraker are specific to mountain biking and are experts in the field. The Mondraker range covers every possible MTB need and has a wide selection of bikes so suit every MTB rider. Mondraker were the pioneers of what they call Forward Geometry, and because of their success other brands have followed with their own version of this modern geometry set up. Forward Geometry gives improves safety and confidence when descending at speed, with sharper handling, better tracking and more stability. This simple concept makes a huge difference to the overall riding experience.

  • Where are Mondraker bikes made?

    Mondraker bikes are proudly manufactured in Spain by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who are passionate about their craft. At Sprockets Cycles, we are delighted to bring these exceptional Mondraker bikes directly to you.