Buy your Bike With Clearpay

Do you want to buy a bike on Clearpay? Whether you need the latest mountain bike, electric scooter or E-bike, you can buy it today and spread the costs over 6 weeks.


You’re in control. After choosing your new bike, you can buy now and pay later with 4 affordable instalments with no interest or hidden fees. Thanks to Clearpay, you can enjoy financial flexibility without breaking the bank when purchasing your dream bike, sports clothes and accessories.

How Does Clearpay Work?

Thanks to Clearpay, you don’t have to wait to upgrade your cycling style. Instead, you can buy a brand new bike today and pay for it in 4 affordable instalments. 

Sprockets Cycles sell high-quality bikes and accessories from premium brands such as Trek, Orbea, Marin, Hope Tech and Moustache Bikes. Now you won’t have to wait till payday to hit the road on an ultra-stylish mountain bike or dynamic electric scooter. Clearpay is the helping hand you need to get what you want - today!


Step 1.

You can buy your new bike through the Clearpay App or Sprockets Cycles online store. Search for bikes on the Clearpay App or, if buying online, choose the Clearpay method at the checkout when paying. 

Step 2.

After choosing Clearpay to buy your new bike, you’ll need to create or log in to your account. Here you’ll pay your first instalment and see how much you’ll pay over the next 6 weeks. 

Step 3.

Once your payment has been approved, your bike can be picked up or delivered as usual. You’re now free to enjoy a smooth, stress-free ride on your new bike. Clearpay is 100% interest-free, and you can track your payments to ensure you stay in control of your finances. 

Clearpay FAQs

What is Clearpay?

Clearpay UK is a payment platform where you can buy now and pay later in affordable instalments without any added interest. 

How often are Clearpay instalments made?

There are 4 Clearpay interest-free instalments in total. The first instalment is made when you make your purchase. The remaining 3 will be deducted from your account every 2 weeks over a 6 week period. If you want to pay before your instalment is due, simply go to your Clearpay login and make an early payment. 

Can I buy a bike on Clearpay UK?

Yes. Clearpay has partnered with many online businesses to allow flexible spending for customers. Sprockets Cycles offer Clearpay payment options on all our bikes. Our collection includes everything from durable and dynamic mountain bikes to powerful electric scooters. Clearpay can’t be used on orders under £25 or over £1000. It also can’t be used to purchase gift cards.

How do I use Clearpay?

Shop Sprockets Cycles bikes as usual, and when you go to checkout, choose the Clearpay payment method. You will be directed to the Clearpay website and asked to register with the card details you’ll be making payments with. If you’re already registered, go to the Clearpay login to access your account. 

Who can use Clearpay?

  • Customers over the age of 18.

  • Customers who have a UK bank payment card 

  • Customers with a valid email address and phone number

  • Customers with a UK-based billing and delivery address 

  • Customers with a verifiable and valid ID

How do I return items I bought using Clearpay?

Making returns with Clearpay uses the same policy as any other purchase. Customers have 28 days to return items and will receive a full refund. Any scheduled payments on Clearpay will then be cancelled. 

What happens if I miss a Clearpay payment?

If you miss any of your payments, a £6 late payment fee will be added to your account. 

For more info, see Clearpay Terms of Service here.