Electric Road Bikes

All the fun of a regular bike - but with extra pedal power! Electric road bikes are the perfect choice for long-distance rides without added effort. Our range of premium e-road bikes will minimise travel time and maximise control. So, shop our full range here to supercharge your bike ride today.

Enhance Your Ride With an Electric Road Bike

Sporty, sleek and stylish, our collection of electric road bikes is the perfect way to travel. 

Road e-bikes are suitable for men, women and children, making them ideal for holidays and family commutes. Built for all weather conditions, the durable frames and high-performance tyres give you complete control and safety - even on slippery roads. 

Thanks to integrated cable stems you won't experience noisy rattles or rubbing when riding. 

With aerodynamic and lightweight frames, e-road bikes are easier to control, especially in busy traffic. In addition, each electric road bike boasts assisted pedal power for boosting endurance without breaking a sweat. Whether commuting or trailing, Sprockets Cycles has the best electric road bikes for you! 

Electric Road Bike Benefits

Kickstart your riding journey. Whether you're new to cycling or returning after a break, hitting the road on an electric road bicycle couldn't be easier. 

The electric motor offers vital assistance when pedalling, perfect for injured or mature riders. 

Road e-bikes offer all the freedom of regular cycling with less effort and less sweat. So you can arrive at the office without needing to shower and change. Time-saving is a massive benefit of riding an electric road bike. Did you know an e-bike can cut almost half your journey time? 

Choosing an e-road bike is a no-brainer! Sustainable-minded customers can travel using this eco-friendly mode of transport while saving money. 

Ignite your Passion for Bike Riding

Cover more ground with a top-of-the-range electric road bike. Say goodbye to slow cycling and embrace a faster, more streamlined ride. Sprockets Cycles sell some of the best electric road bikes in the UK and are ready to discuss your personal biking goals today.