Cycle Scheme


Sprockets Cycles also offers vouchers for the Cycle Scheme, an employee benefit that allows you to save 25% to 39% on a new bike and cycling accessories for commuting and leisure.

This scheme also allows you to request a Cycle to Work package valued over £1,000, giving you the freedom to save on e-bikes, cargo bikes, and specialised adapted cycles.

How the Cycle Scheme works in Scotland

With the Cycle Scheme, you pay nothing upfront, and the payments are deducted from your salary in a tax-efficient manner by your employer.

Once you have chosen a bike and rented it for an agreed length of time, you can then purchase it for a fraction of its original value, as the price is reduced through your rental payments. It's like having a year-round sale with interest-free credit available.

Save with the Cycle Scheme

By purchasing a bike or accessories directly from your gross salary, you lower your income tax and National Insurance contributions, as they are calculated based on the reduced amount of salary.