Orange Bikes

Sprockets Cycles is proud to be one of the UK's premier suppliers of high-performance Orange Bikes. Orange is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and quality, offering a range of dynamic bikes designed to tackle the toughest terrains and adventurous trails.

Why Choose Orange Bikes?

Orange Bikes are designed and built right here in the UK. Orange have spent two decades fabricating and refining their own custom formed aluminium frames. Their range of Mountain Bikes, Electric Mountain Bikes and Gravel Bikes are built for real life adventures, with models to suit all disciplines of Mountain Biking and Gravel Road Riding.

With Orange, it's all about the geometry. Each model is tweaked to best suit its intended use, whether that be Downhill, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail, or a bit of everything! Whatever your chosen terrain, Orange has a bike to conquer it. 

Each Orange bike is meticulously hand-built in the UK with attention to detail, using top-notch materials and components. This dedication to excellence ensures that every Orange bike delivers robust and reliable performance, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence.

Orange also offer a warranty on all their frames with Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement.

Built With Performance In Mind

Orange only use high quality parts built to perform on the trails. They use parts from top brands such as Shimano, SRAM, Burgtec, Fox, E*Thirteen, RockShox and more. Quality is never compromised with Orange bikes, so you know you can rely on the build.

Not only do the bikes perform outstandingly, the look the part too. The UK custom built aluminium frames are distinct and recognisable as Orange Bikes. Sleek lines, designs and hot colour combos make Orange Bikes stand out, in a good way!

Looking to test out your potential purchase? We have a fully-equipped workshop conveniently located 20 minutes from Glasgow City Centre. With a spacious area dedicated to test riding, you can try your desired bike before you buy it to ensure it fits your cycling needs. 

If you have any questions about our Orange bikes or other products, our friendly advisors can assist you. Feel free to get in touch with us for support. Don’t forget we also offer a range of financing options to help you split the cost of your new bike!

  • Who are Orange Bikes?

    Orange are a UK-based bike manufacturer. They have been crafting high-quality bikes since the 1980s and are often recognised by their iconic MTB single-pivot swingarm design, which provides a low-maintenance platform specially crafted to take on the UK's harshest riding conditions.

  • Which Orange Bike is right for me?

    Orange Bikes are built and designed for different types of riding, but that doesn't mean the bike can only be used specifically for one purpose. Orange have designed a 'Ride Guide' for all of their bikes, which shows how the bike performs across all categories. This allows you to easily choose the perfect bike for your needs. The Ride Guide can be found in the 'Further Info' tab of any Orange Bike.

  • Are bikes from Orange suitable for beginners?

    Whilst beginners can use Orange Bikes, they are generally recommended for more advanced riders who will reap the full benefits of their advanced features. However, if you are interested in getting into trail riding and off-road cycling with Orange, we can recommend a range of bikes to suit your needs as a beginner. 

  • What Size Tyres can I run on my Orange Mountain Bike?

    Standard tyres have been chosen in accordance with each bikes intended use and the width which best suits the frame and application. The minimum clearance for any part of the frame should be 3mm, this allows sufficient clearance for wheel flex in the event of a heavy side load. Always ensure wheels are trued and dished correctly.

    When changing tyres, select a width based on the clearance of your current set up. If there is not sufficient clearance, do not use the tyre as it may damage paintwork or the frame itself. For full suspension models check clearance on the frame by completely compressing the suspension with a correctly fitted and inflated tyre.

    Your choice of replacement tyres must also consider fork requirements; check the fork manual or website for details on their minimum clearance requirements. Expect a minimum of around 5mm to be necessary for most fork manufacturers. Check clearance on the fork crown by completely compressing the suspension with a correctly fitted and inflated tyre.

    Remember, tyres can provide the most cost effective way of adapting the performance characteristics of your bike. Establish the type and conditions you are riding and select your rubber accordingly. If you are unsure of what suits you best, contact our expert team who will be happy to help.

  • Are bikes from Orange suitable for racing?

    Yes! Orange’s bikes are well-suited for off-road racing and have even been used in major competitions. Bikes from Orange are built to handle more technical and demanding terrains, providing a balance between uphill performance and downhill prowess.