Moustache Bikes

At Sprockets Cycles, we are excited to showcase a fantastic range of Moustache e-bikes.

If you're looking for the perfect e-mountain bike to elevate your off-road adventures, look no further. With Bosch motors and batteries, you can conquer rugged trails and embrace the thrill of electric-powered exploration.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our wide selection of Moustache e-mountain bikes caters to all skill levels, ensuring a tailored experience that suits your needs and budget. Visit our fully equipped workshop, located just 30 minutes from Glasgow, to see our Moustache e-mountain bikes in person. 

Embrace the Joy of E-Biking with Moustache

Moustache Bikes believes that e-bikes offer an incredible opportunity for the advancement of cycling. They provide a fantastic alternative to cars, with a range of 20 to 50 miles (32 to 80 km) on a single charge.

These bikes embody a modern and innovative approach, combining design, comfort, and ease of use.

Discover the Moustache Collection

Moustache bikes are designed to cater to various riding needs. Whether you're seeking an urban commuter, an all-road explorer, or you’re a mountain bike enthusiast looking for an extra boost, we has the perfect ride for you.

Moustache exclusively incorporates Bosch motors and batteries into their e-mountain bikes, with 400, 500, 625, 750-watt options. There is also space in the frame if you want a bigger battery.

With Moustache e-mountain bikes, you can confidently tackle steep climbs and enjoy incredible grip while descending. Moustache e-mountain bikes feature remarkable innovations that enhance your overall riding experience. The rear shocks, equipped with Magic Grip Control, undergo meticulous development and testing to achieve optimal rebound control.

Contact us to learn more about our wide range of Moustache bikes as well as our payment & finance options.