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At Sprockets Cycles we believe in Electric bikes. We also believe that if you are in the conversation about electric bikes, you can most likely refine your view of them by actually having a go on one. That's why we have Scotland's biggest selection of on-site demonstration models for you to try before you buy or simply to experience for your own curiosity.

Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are not to be pigeon-holed. At the most extreme, you can spend as much as you like on one and it will literally take you over the hills and far away in superb comfort and with 100% reliability. We know this because we've done it! Have a look at our short video feature on the Haibike FullFatSix Electric Fat-Bike (demo bike available) We took it up and down Lanarkshire's 700m Tinto Hill in very difficult conditions and it coped without a single complaint.

On the other end of the scale we have the recreational rider in mind. From a very modest budget, we can supply you with an e-bike that uses the latest technology from the Shimano Steps system to deliver a very uncomplicated experience that will simply assist the effort you put into the pedals by boosting you to an average speed of up to around 15mph. 

Here's a quick look at the e-bike brands we offer.

Haibike electric bikes at Sprockets Cycles

Our biggest performance brand: Since 1995 Haibike have been THE name in modern electric bikes. Winners of dozens of enviromental and innovation awards, Haibike constantly push the limits of what can be done with both conventional and electric bicycles. We have Scotland's biggest in-store demo fleet of Haibike models from the SDuro Hard Seven model, right up to full-on mountain eaters like the XDuro Full Seven. Haibike models are our weapons of choice for full on adventure and fitness riding alike. Simply the most powerful, reliable and feature packed electric bikes that money can buy. You can see our full Haibike range by clicking HERE.

Have a look at this short video. This couple have done over 24000 miles on a pair of XDuro Haibikes.

E bikes at Sprockets Cycles: Ridgeback 

Our biggest recreational brand: Ridgeback have been producing bikes for the British public since 1983. The model is simple. Performance & reliability delivered at a price point that suggests quality and reliability, but without breaking the bank. The Ridgeback electric bike range follows this trend to the letter. Using the Shimano Steps e-bike system exclusively, Ridgeback have centered their attention on the recreational market to produce bikes that can be ridden all day as your commuting workhorse or as a weekend adventure machine. From conventional bicycle systems that we all know, to the amazing automatic Di2 automatic gearshift on the Electron Di2 model. Ridgeback may have the bike you are looking for. You can see all of our Ridgeback electric bikes by clicking HERE.

Other electric bicycle brands we carry include RidgebackFocusHaibikeCannondaleSaracenMoustacheOrbea & Adventure.