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As well as working with Scott MacLean from Kinetic Cycle Coaching, offering his own 3D bike fit services, we are very excited to announce that in conjunction with Kinetic, we will shortly be the ONLY www.bikefitting.com outfit in Scotland to offer full level 3 dynamic fiting with motion capture & visual power analasys. This is a massive opportunity for you to take a huge leap forward for your bike fitting options. Keep an eye on our social media pages to keep up to date with the installation of the equipment and ehen our first fit will be taking place. 

Bike fitting at Sprockets Cycles

Kinetic bike fitting at Sprockets Cycles

As well as having the equipment in place, we of course need the expertise to give you the best experience. Kinetic head Coach Scott brings 25 years of experience which include semi pro competitor to Commonwealth Games Coach.  As a sports scientist and BCF coach his knowledge and passion is something that after 5 mins in his presence will blow you away. Kinetic was his vision and it continues to cut through the global approaches often found with training plans and focuses on you! With Watt Bike testing platforms, University lab testing facilities, wind tunnel access, strength and conditioning studio, nutritional support and of course a coach who is both friendly and incredibly driven to see you succeed you are joining an incredibly successful network where everything works towards your goals.

Scott also offers advice on sports nutrition. He has over 20 years sports science experience and was a student of Pete Keen in the days when sports nutrition was making inroads into performance. His partnership today with Glasgow University offers him access to the latest cutting edge equipment and practices. Your nutritional plan is vital and without it you will be limiting your physiological progress. Kinetic is can support you on and off the bike with simple common sense approaches.

Some benefits of a Kinetic 3D bike fitting are as follows.

  • Improve overall rider comfort and by extension your enjoyment of cycling.
  • Help to prevent or eliminate repetitive stress injuries mainly in the regions of the neck back, knee and wrist
  • Reduce or eliminate “hot foot” or discomfort in the toes with specialised foot and cleat alignment.
  • Reduce or eliminate saddle discomfort.
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness in the hands and fingers.
  • Improve maximal force and power transfer with every pedal stroke to reduce rider fatigue.
  • Move forward with informative personalised stability and flexibility exercises to enhance your riding position and comfort on the bike.

Bike fitting starts at only £150 and can be organised in the following ways:

Call Scott direct on: 07933 158473
Email Scott direct on: [email protected]

Call Sprockets Cycles direct on: 01563 526800
Email Sprockets Cycles direct on: [email protected]