Orbea Gravel Road Bike

Orbea gravel bikes promise a lightweight and responsive ride blended with the durability required to take on B roads.
An Orbea gravel or cyclocross bike is an enticing option for cyclists who want exceptional performance but would rather not be limited to the asphalt.
Sprockets Cycles has the bike for you, whether you haven’t quite decided whether you prefer the roads or the dirt paths and want the versatility of the Orbea Vector or want to take on a cyclocross adventure with the high-performance of the Orbea Terra M31eTeam which comes with an excellent SRAM Rival eTap AXS 12-Speed drive.
At Sprockets, we offer an excellent selection of off-road Orbea bikes. Shop online today or drop into our store for a closer look.
Orbea Terra M31eTeam 1X Carbon Cyclocross Bike 2022
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Orbea Terra M31eTeam 1X Carbon Cyclocross Bike 2022

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  • Stone Silver / Ice Green

Why should I choose an Orbea gravel bike for road cycling?

Our range of Orbea gravel and cyclocross bikes are built to withstand the demands of mixed-terrain riding. They feature robust frames and components that provide durability and stability, allowing you to confidently navigate various road conditions.

With a wider tire clearance compared to traditional road bikes, riders will be able to use wider tires with more tread, providing better traction, stability.

With both strong aluminium and lightweight carbon frames available, you can choose an Orbea gravel bike that suits your needs and requirements. Whether you’re planning to go racing or simply want to take on your local trails, Orbea has plenty to offer in this dynamic gravel bike collection.

Gravel road bikes aren’t all we offer from Orbea. From high-performance Orbea full-suspension mountain bikes to exceptional Orbea carbon road bikes, we have something to suit every rider. Explore our Orbea collection today.

We’re happy to answer any questions about our Orbea carbon road bikes, other products and finance options. Contact us today.

  • What are the key features of Orbea Gravel Road Bikes?

    Orbea designs their gravel road bikes with geometry that balances stability and agility. The geometry often includes a longer wheelbase, slightly relaxed angles, and a taller head tube, providing a more comfortable and stable riding position while maintaining manoeuvrability.

  • Are Orbea Gravel Road Bikes suitable for racing?

    Yes, gravel bikes from Orbea are well-suited for racing. Their durable frames provide excellent power transfer and acceleration, allowing riders to respond quickly to changes in pace and terrain. The stiffness of the frames ensures efficient energy transfer, maximising speed and performance on multiple terrains.