Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is the industry-leading and award-winning cycle-to-work scheme with no limits.

Sprockets Cycles offers customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality bikes through the Green Commute Initiative (GCI), a UK-wide program that allows you to saddle up for less.

As one of the leading Scottish bike stores participating in this fantastic scheme, Sprockets Cycles can help you save on a full bike package, which includes a bike or e-bike, a helmet, and any other accessories you may need. With the GCI, there is no £1,000 limit and no exit fees, unlike other scheme options.

How the Green Commute Initiative works in Scotland

To apply for the GCI in Scotland, you must work for an employer who has purchased a voucher that you can use to select a bike from Sprockets Cycles.

Initially, you will "hire" the bike or components, making payments into the initiative through a portion of your gross salary. In addition to paying in smaller increments, you can save anywhere from 32% to 47% overall depending on your tax rate.

Unlike older Cycle to Work schemes with hefty exit fees once the bike is paid off, the GCI extends the loan of the bike for five years and nine months after you finish making payments. After six years, ownership will be transferred to you for a processing fee of £1, as per a separate agreement.

This allows eligible individuals to save a significant amount of money on a bike and spread the cost over a period of 12 to 60 months. It also benefits employers, as they save 13.8% on employer's National Insurance contributions.

Green Commute Initiative Calculator

Discover how much you can save with the Green Commute Initiative using the online calculator. Determine the exact savings you will enjoy on the Cycle to Work scheme based on your salary and desired repayment period.