By far the coolest thing for pre-pedal cycle kids we've ever seen is Wishbone Designs' range of very cool wooden balance bikes, trikes and wheeled buggies. They have been a real revelation to us all here at Sprockets Cycles since they arrived for the opening of our new store.

Prices start at just £79.99 for the Mini-Flip ride along buggy that also converts into a rocking horse with no tools required. Have a look at this cool wee guy in the video below. The Mini-flip can also be customised with different coloured parts, wheels and stickers. Also at £119.99 we have the "Flip" the big brother of the Mini-Flip that is larger, with castor type wheels for bigger kids to steer with their feet. We have them both in store now, so come and have a look!

Wishbone Designs have a very high ethical & environmental standard and even make a recycled version of their popular 3-in-1 balance bike/trike combo. The WIshbone RE comes with the very cool "Rotafix" system that allows you to adjust the middle of the bike lower or higher depending on the inside leg of the user, ensuring you get the most out of the 3-in-1 nature of the product. It's a very cool feature that is quite unique amongst this kind of bike and ensures that you get the best value for money. The 2-in-one version is just £149.99 with the 3-in-one version coming in at £169.99. Have a look at the video below for a demonstration of how it works.

We also have the standard 2-inone and 3-in-one bikes. These are our most popular models starting at just £159.99. They are fully customisable with different coloured stickers, grips & seat-pads, so your little riders can make them unique to their own style.

At Sprockets, we're a fully fledged and fully stocked Wishbone Designs dealer. So come along and see this unique range of bikes, trikes and pre-cycling buggies that will get your wee ones on wheels sooner than you thought was possible!

Oh yeah and the VERY cool wishbone wagon!