Sprockets Cycles is a Shimano approved service centre and we've got the 2022 certificate to prove it. There's alchemy in our workshop where we make your poorly bikes better. 

In other Shimano news...

Shimano 105 di2 groupsets at Sprockets Cycles 

Shimano 105 di2 groupsets have arrived at Sprockets Cycles - £1729.99 for the full groupset.

The Shimano 105 di2 groupsets has gotta be one the most hotly anticipated groupsets ever. They've dubbed the 105 Di2 their ode 'to the magic that each new day brings.'

It sure does open up electronic shifting to a bunch of cyclists that have, until now, only experienced mechanical.

Even in mechanical form, the 105 series is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and affordable performance groupsets money can buy, and with the introduction of electronic shifting, the gap between the brand’s mid-tier range and its top-tier is closing in. 

The Japanese component makers have brought the same customisable shifting that features on the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace and Ultegra models, an improved hydraulic-disc braking system, a 12-speed cassette, and a wireless cockpit, among other aspects.

Get ready to embrace some of the best performing hydraulic braking power and electronic shifting on the market.

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