Yesterday saw the release of the ALL NEW Genesis Carbon Road bike, ZERO.

We waited impatiently all day for the shipment to arrive, we were like kids at christmas. It finally arrived mid afternoon and we set about building them straight away. First impressions are everything and these bikes do not disappoint. straight out the box the quality of the build is noticeable, the carbon frame is flawless, the shapes and lines on these are amazing, the pictures definitely do not do it justice!

Ranging from £1299.99 for the "Entry Level" spec (entry level should be used loosely, Tiagra builds are far from entry level!) all the way up to the Dura Ace spec ZERO Team edition at £4499.99, there is something for all budgets and you will be hard pushed to find this good a bike for this money in our opinion.

With their first foray into carbon bikes, Genesis have created a range that is not only great value for money but a definite contender in the weight stakes too!

Here is the Official Genesis release :

New Performance Road Race Bike to Debut at Tour of Britain

Today Genesis launches its first carbon range, Zero.  Zero has been over 18 months in development and will make its race debut at the 2014 edition of the Tour of Britain starting in Liverpool on 7th September, piloted by the Madison Genesis team.

The Zero forms a range of six models starting at £1299.99 for the Zero.1 and topping out at the Dura Ace equipped Team model, at £4499.99.  Crucially, the same frame is used throughout the range, which means all customers benefit from the same great ride characteristics. Zero.1 and the Team edition are available here, the full range will be available end of August, 2014.

The Zero has been specifically designed to meet the extreme demands of stage racing where reductions in overall weight and aerodynamic improvements can make a real difference;  the resulting frame now weighs-in below 1kg.  The bike will sit alongside the team’s current 953 Volare providing riders with more choice dependant on the race and terrain faced.

With comfort in mind, we have designed the frame to take a standard 27.2mm seatpost to provide more compliance than found on bladed seatpost designs.  The rear triangle features pencil thin seatstays which help to further provide compliance and comfort to the ride.

Zero however, is a race bike at heart.  The large Kamm-tail downtube ensures a stiff pedalling platform but significantly provides an aerodynamic advantage, an advantage that is becoming increasingly more important in the modern world of bike racing.  The crown on Zero’s custom fork is designed to flow into the downtube.  Closing this gap helps to improve airflow and minimise turbulent air behind the fork.

We pride ourselves on making quality, British-designed bikes and have invested heavily in our own moulds to ensure Zero meets our own design standards by having complete control from design, through testing and ultimately throughout the manufacturing process.  Zero even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Phil Hamill, Genesis Brand Director said: “We are excited to announce our debut carbon range, Zero. This gives the public and the Madison Genesis team a full choice of frames, which excel in different environments - the Volare will continue to be used in next year’s Pearl Izumi Tour Series whilst the Zero will be used in stage races, such as the Tour of Britain.

“We are really proud with how Zero has turned out.  The only way this project could be viable was by doing it our way, with the brand principles we believe in.  We have invested heavily in developing our own tooling and moulds to ensure this bike is exactly how we intended it to be.  We believe strongly in the Zero, which is why we will be offering a lifetime warranty on all Zero frames.”