Fox know a thing or two about the art of bike suspension. That's why you'll find its superior range of Front Suspension Forks, Rear Shocks, Seatposts, and all the spares you could need at Sprockets Cycles. 

Fox components really do lead the pack when it comes to performance, sleek design, and overall excellence. 

Here's our handpicked selection to give you a taste of what we've got in stock.

Fox 38 Float Factory GRIP2 Tapered Fork 2022 - 27.5" / 170mm / QR110 / 44mm at Sprockets Cycles

Meet the Fox 38 Float Factory GRIP2 Tapered Fork 2022 - 27.5" / 170mm / QR110 / 44mm. It's got all the revolutionary features of the brand-new 36 packaged in a super-stout chassis engineered specifically for modern hard-hitting, long travel enduro-style riding. The all-new 38 is hungry to devour all you can throw at it and, like Oliver, ask for more.


Fox SLS Spring 300 lbs / 2.75" / 1.385 ID at Sprockets Cycles

Then we have the Fox SLS Spring 300 lbs / 2.75" / 1.385 ID. Fox's Super Lightweight Steel (SLS) springs are lighter than titanium, and come at more affordable prices.

A proprietary surface treatment and stress relief process removes residual stresses from the spring, allowing them to withstand higher stresses. Each spring is optimised by using a smaller wire diameter and less coils, creating a lighter spring. And it looks cool. 



Fox Transfer Performance Elite Dropper Seatpost 2022 at Sprockets Cycles

Presenting the Fox Transfer Performance Elite Dropper Seatpost 2022

This race-proven transfer seatpost gets lighter and tighter for 2022. Completely redesigned from the ground up, with improved serviceability, decreased weight, and notably reduced extended length - the new transfer post is ready to rise to any occasion.




Fox 10 Weight Green High Performance Suspension Fluid 32oz at Sprockets Cycles 

Fox Suspension Fluid employs a propriety additive system that maintains a high VI and eliminates stiction, friction and wear, while protecting against foaming, seal swell, oxidation and corrosion.

For use with Fox Forks only.


Fox Fork 36/38 XL Mudguard 2021 at Sprockets Cycles

The Fox Fork 36/38 XL Mudguard 2021 is an optional mudguard designed specifically for the Fox 36 and 38 (2021 models and newer). Proprietary and sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment.


Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost 1x Remote Lever at Sprockets Cycles

Finally we have the Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost 1x Remote Lever. The new 1x lever offers improved ergonomics for easier operation on the trail, and it only weighs 33.5 grams, which is 34% lighter than the old version!