Winter. Season of exhilarating rides.

But it can rampage against your bike with muck and slush everywhere accelerating the wear and tear.

A little extra maintenance and vigilance can help you and your wheels survive the winter, components, tyres etc intact. That’s why the Sprockets Cycles team want to help you check and protect your bike ahead of winter.

We can also service your bike for you too of course and you can book an appointment online in a jiffy.




Mudguards are the eyebrows of the bike – and guess what, big eyebrows are in and all your bike's winter-proofing hangs off a burly set of mudguards.

What isn’t a good look, though, is mud-splattered gear and god knows what you're getting all over you in those little droplets.

Mudguards will also protect the components on the underside of your bike and keep those nooks and crannies gleaming that are murder to clean.

Check out the Mudhugger Front Guard.  Weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length the FR provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance without breaking the bank. 


Keep it clean and lubricated


Grit. Debris. Water residue. The diabolical trinity of winter that can corrode your bike. 

One of the best kits you can get your mucky mitts on is the Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bike Bundleand it won't damage those all-important bearings and surfaces either.

The next step is using a degreaser to shift muddied oil and grease from your drivetrain to keep the components spick and span. The Muc-Off High Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser 750m keeps your chain and cassette clean and makes light work of oil build up, grease and grime, without the need for rinsing.

Anything that’s been degreased needs to be lubricated too of course and that's why we have a huge range of lubricants from the likes of Peaty’s, Morotex and Juice Lubes




Let there be lights. Front. Back. Helmet. We’ve got them all at Sprockets Cycles.

An essential part of your winter riding kit, the lights you choose will depend on which type of riding you’re doing. If you’re cycling in a well-lit city you might want to go for lights with side-on visibility making you easy to spot by other road users.

Not ones that dazzle other road users and pedestrians.

Check out the Infini Tron 100 USB Front Light for this and its push-button switch operation that's easy to operate, even with winter gloves on. 

For riding in the dark on unlit roads or off-road, you'll need something powerful enough to light the way, like the Infini Super Lava 300 Lumedn USB Front Light.

Even if you don't plan to ride at night, snow, thunder, lightning, fog and rain can impair visibility so you should consider carrying a pair of lights in the daytime. 

The Exposure Diablo SYNC MK2 Front Light is a helmet light with a high-powered beam of a Diablo with SYNC Bluetooth connectivity for wireless mode changing and customisable runtimes to get exactly what you need out it to keep you riding on the edge.




It’s probably not a bad idea to get into the habit of checking your brake pads more regularly during winter because roads morph into a grunge-fest of mud and grit and this can accelerate the wear on the brake pads especially.

A new set will also give you a confidence boost while out on wet roads so why not cast your eye over our Magura Performance Disc Brake Pads 8.P. These beauts are designed for longer rides or tours these pads offer safety together with excellent performance in all situations.




Your chain makes lots of unwanted friends during winter like dirt and salt from the roads and when combined with your chain lube this makes a hostile combo as far as your drive train components go.

We have a handsome selection of chains at Sprockets Cycles as well as chain cleaners like the Birzman Chain Cleaning Set for maximum efficiency and so that you can clearly see any signs of wear like warped links which can damage drivetrain components.


Winter tyres


Winter weather compromises the ability of your tyre to grip the road and there's also an increased risk of punctures so we recommend switching to winter-appropriate tyres.

Check out our full range of tyres for the best ones to suit your requirements.


Multi tools


Always a handy to have a multi tool on your person just in case you need to make a repair on the hoof. They don't take up much space in a pocket or saddle bag but can be a life-saver. The PRO 6-Function Multi Tool – Black is a good one. 


Tubes and pumps


Carry a spare tube that you can swap in and save the repair for when you get home and get a pump like the Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump - a lightweight hand pump that comes with composite matrix frame pump mount.