Gone are the simpler times of summer kit. As the days turn to dust but your wanderlust remains, tip-top kit is key and that's why we've put together some autumn cycling essentials from Sprockets Cycles. 

Autumn is a fickle beast 

Flexibility with kit that that can be layered up or removed through the fickle beast of autumnal weather is a good starting point.

We’ve all agonised on those 'bib shorts or tights, jersey with arm warmers or long sleeved jersey, or jacket, or a base layer?' mornings. 

Cycling clothing, eh? Decisions decisions. 

Let's get down to the autumn cycling kit essentials nitty gritty.

Biking clothing: Gloves

The right pair of gloves put the finishing touch to your cycle outfit. 

Sealskinz Waterproof Heated Cycle Gloves are warmest waterproof protection for chilly autumn days. 

A technical beast of a glove, slip on a pair of and wave goodbye to cold wet hands, blisters, numb fingers, and frostbite and focus on the pedalling. 

Cycling kit: Base layers

Base layers are key to a toasty torso in autumn. 

And you'll help prevent chaffing with some jiggery pokery with the old layers - like the old base layer beneath bib short straps to minimise friction trick. 

Some of you heat up faster than others and so expect some trial and error with base layers depending on external factors like wind chill factor etc. 

Cyclist clothing UK: Arm & Leg warmers 

Arm & leg warmers are ace. 

Roll up your short sleeve jersey, put these on and roll your sleeve back down over the top and voila, you have a brand new jersey effectively.  

It’s amazing how quickly the wind can change or the sun disappear even if it felt like the last traces of summer were still in the air. Worth rolling up and stuffing into a back pocket. 


Autumn calls for as strong a Bike lights game as winter.

Even you daytime cyclists need to consider getting lit. All it takes is a stiff breeze and bouff, you're under a cloud and it's gloomy. You want to be seen not heard cursing at a car that failed to spot you. 

This The Diablo SYNC gives you the wide spread, high powered beam of a Diablo with SYNC Bluetooth connectivity for wireless mode changing and customisable runtimes.

Just what you need out it to keep you riding on the edge. 


A featherlight windbreaker is your best pal in high winds and rainy climes. Definitely a worthwhile item to pack in your back pocket. Most of them compact down to the size of an apple.