Think you can’t afford a bike? These two help-to-buy schemes will make you think again.

It goes without saying that, at Sprockets, we believe that investing in a bike is one of the best things you’ll ever do. Whether it’s saving time, money and the planet by commuting to work, prioritising your physical and mental health by discovering an enjoyable way to get fit, making space in your life for a sociable, liberating and rewarding hobby - we really do believe there’s a bike, and a way of cycling, for everyone.

We also know that bills exist, as do rent and mortgage payments, family needs, and all the myriad other daily demands on your wallet - meaning that investing in a decent bike can feel like a luxury you can’t justify or afford.

Well, that’s where help-to-buy schemes come in. Thanks to a number of frankly fantastic initiatives from the Scottish Government to get people on two wheels, owning your dream bike could feel much more like a reality. Whether it’s an interest-free loan, or a tax break through your employer, explore your options below - and get one step closer to potentially transforming your life.

The E-Bike Grant Fund

Led by the Energy Saving Trust, the E-Bike Grant Fund aims to get Scotland cycling by offering interest-free loans of up to £6000 to Scottish residents - both businesses, and individuals - to spend on electric bikes and electric cargo bikes.

E-bikes are a brilliant way in to cycling for complete newbies, or anyone recovering from an injury or physical health condition - but they’re not just for beginners. Going electric is becoming more and more popular as cyclists are discovering the benefits of getting a bit of assistance from a motor. Because you can go longer, further and harder, you’ll end up on cycles you never thought possible, significantly expanding your horizons and your riding enjoyment.

The loan of £6000 applies to one household, and you can choose either two eBikes capped at £3000 each, or one family eCargo bike, capped at £6000. For full details of how to apply, see the Energy Saving Trust website.

Cycle-to-work schemes

Government-backed schemes such as Cyclescheme and Halfords’ Cycle2Work are another brilliant way of making bikes more affordable - but this time, involving your employer. Essentially, after your employer signs up to one of these tax-free schemes, as their employee you can choose a bike and accessories which you buy from them at a much reduced cost, thanks to a tax break, and in affordable monthly installments.

You’ll need to find out whether your workplace is registered for the scheme - or, if they’re not, use some gentle persuasion to convince them to become an amazing, exemplary employer. Then all you need to do is find your perfect bike, which we’re very happy to help you with. You can find out much more about the process in this handy article on Cycle 2 Work.

Still a little confused? Don’t worry, it can be hard to get your head around the ins and outs of each scheme, which is where we come in - give us a call on 01563 526 800 and we’ll walk you through your options.