E-Bike Tyres

E-Bike Tyres need to be more substantial and have a higher load rating than an average bike tyre due to the added weight of the battery and motor. This also means you want your tire to be as puncture resistant as possible, since punctures on an e-bike are more likely, more dangerous, and more inconvenient.  Hub motors have to be unscrewed and the wires disconnected from the controller (many many wires) to repair a simple flat! So what once was a 15 minute job can turn into more than an hour job or even 2 hours depending on your skill level. Sprockets Cycles is proud to supply a range of E-Bike specific tyres! We are based just 20 minutes from Glasgow, with free parking and a fantastic coffee shop, including external seating and a secure bike storage area. We also keep everything in stock, so if its on our website, we've got it ready to ship to you. Our 'Click & Collect' service enables you to pick up your item when it's convenient for you.

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