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RockShox Revelation XX Dual Air 150mm Forks

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RockShox Revelation XX Dual Air 150mm Forks

This year’s Revelation brings an all-new Dual Position Air spring system to the table, adding approximately 30mm of sag-to-sag, on-the-fly, travel adjustment to this proven lightweight platform.
The smooth responsiveness provided by the various Motion Control damping systems, paired with the confidence that comes from ultra-stiff 32mm aluminium upper tubes, Maxle Lite and 150mm travel options, is epic. Even when the trail is hell, this fork is pure heaven.


Air Guides : With our easy-to-understand guides for tuning air spring suspension printed right on the fork, setting up suspension to match a rider and enhance his or her riding style takes a matter of seconds.
Dual Air : With independently adjustable positive and negative air spring chambers, Dual Air is race or trail ready, highly tunable, and one of the lightest air spring systems on the market.
Dual Flow Adjust : Dual Flow Adjust has the effectiveness of Dual Flow’s independent damping circuits with the added control of externally adjustable beginning- and ending-stroke rebound. Tuning suspension to actively respond to successive small bumps as perfectly as it absorbs big drops has never been easier.
Dual Position Air : An easy-to-use detented knob offers long and short travel options with a turn and a click. With approximately 30mm of sag-to-sag travel adjustment, it is designed to simply bring the front of your bike down for climbing prowess. Dual Position Air is sweet and simple, smooth and robust. Bomb downhill with confidence. Click. Climb like a demon.
Long Travel Dual Air : Employs our patented floating negative chamber to optimize the spring curve for long travel forks, providing a consistent feel throughout the travel.
Maxle Lite : The tool-free Maxle Lite brings exceptional stiffness and durability to your ride in the lightest, easiest-to-use thru axle system on the market.
Power Bulge : Material reinforcement in the lower leg at the bushing increases stiffness and bushing durability.
XX Motion Control™ : Lightweight and performance oriented, XX Motion Control includes the XLoc remote featuring hydraulic-actuated lockout and adjustable threshold control. Dual Flow rebound and factory-set compression damping make this a no-nonsense damping system with efficient small bump performance for XC and trail. Featured in: SID, Reba, Revelation.


Travel : 150mm
Weight : 1636g
Damping : XX Motion Control, Dual Flow rebound
Adjustments : External Beginning Stroke Rebound / External Floodgate and Lockout / Spring via Air Pressure, External Travel: Dual Position Air
Steerer : Aluminium 1 1/8"
Crown : Forged, Hollow 6061 T-6 Aluminium
Upper Tubes : 32mm, 7000 Series Straight Wall Aluminium, Low Friction Anodized
Lowers : Magnesium, Post Disc Mount, 9mm QR
Maximum Rotor Size : 210mm