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Mule Bar Strudel Box of 24

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Mule Bar Strudel Box of 24

Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon Cereal Energy Bar
Das ist gud, ya! Our seriously tasty take on the traditional apple strudel
A mouth watering combination of tangy apple, heart-warming cinnamon and juicy sweet raisins
It tastes just like your mum's Sunday pudding
We took the best, ethically sourced, 100% natural ingredients and turned them into a performance boosting fuel
Steady releasing oats for enhanced endurance
Fast releasing brown rice syrup to speed muscle replenishment
And whey protein to preserve lean muscle
This real food energy is easy on the stomach and quick to digest
A race proven MuleBar with no added nasty's, all wrapped up in our new compostable wrapper
Just add ice cream!
56g per bar - 2.8p per gram
222 Kcal