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Genesis Day One Alfine Di2 2014 54cm

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Genesis Day One Alfine Di2 2014 54cm

This is an ex-display bike and as such may have superficial markings.

We were more than a bit excited when, last year, Shimano extended their Di2 technology to the Alfine range of components.
With the unveiling of Di2 electronic shifting technology, a little over 5yrs ago now, Shimano had made the single biggest advance in bicycle technology for quite some time; offering consistent, fast and precise shifting at the click of a button.
In the ensuing years it has proven to be as reliable as it is effective - a true game changer, and, as luck would have it, the perfect accompaniment for a flagship Day One!
We've taken last years' excellent Day One Alfine 11 Reynolds 853 platform, mated it with Shimano's Alfine 8sp Di2 components, removed the now redundant conventional Alfine cable guides and routed the Di2 wires internally (with seatpost-mounted battery) to give the whole bike a super-clean look.
The Shimano BB86 Press-Fit shell gives us the extra clearance we needed to route the wires over the BB sleeve and, with the addition of a Mini-USB charging port on the stem-mounted junction box, the battery can now be charged in-situ, giving you true hassle-free usage and ownership.
One of our favourite models just got an extra helping of reliability, performance and low-maintenance.