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Park Tool CT-6.2 Folding Chain Tool
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Park Tool CT-6.2 Folding Chain Tool

Park's CT-6.2 Folding Chain Tool eliminates the only good reason why you've ever left your chain tool out of your repair kit before going on a long ride -- space to store it.
Rather than simply minimizing the handle size (something that we feel minimizes the usefulness of the tool), Park created a folding handle that does two important things.
Firstly, it encompasses all of the sharp machined edges of the chain breaker. The inner tubes in your pack will appreciate that.
Secondly, the handle folds out to give you plenty of leverage on both the tool side and the handle side.
Sticky pins will run and hide from the CT-6.2 Folding Chain Tool.
Once unfurled, the CT-6 works like any other chain tool. In fact, we like that it has two sets of teeth to hold the chain in place -- one set to break the chain and reassemble, the other for loosening over-pressed pins and curing sticky links.
The Park CT-6 Folding Chain Tool has an investment cast steel body with a stainless steel housing.
The pin is replaceable, and the tool works for all derailleur type chains, from 5- to 10-speeds.