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Enduro Bearings

At Sprockets Cycles we have a large selection of the most common Enduro Bearings in stock, with other sizes available to order. Please contact us for more info and availablility.

Enduro Bearings

Keeping on top of your bearings will not only increase the life of certain components, like your Bottom Bracket & Headset but it will make your bike perform to it's best.

Frame bearings in the rear suspension linkage will make your suspension feel like new and the bike will feel like new, plush and stuck to the groud. Enduro have developed a bearing specifically for this, the Enduro MAX. These bearings have 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings, not only increasing the life of the bearing but making them more than capable of taking the punishment inflicted on them during a seasons riding.

Sprockets Cycles are proud to be Ayrshire & Glasgow's largest stockist of Enduro Bearings. We are based just 20 minutes from Glasgow, with free parking and a fantastic coffee shop, including external seating and a secure bike storage area. We also keep everything in stock, so if its on our website, we've got it ready to ship to you. Our 'Click & Collect' service enables you to pick up your item when it's convenient for you.

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